Thanks to Ned and Mike Varney from Shrapnel Records for this short but sweet interview.


Why are you doing a record of hard rockin' cover tunes from the 70's??


When Mike first approached me about this project, I asked myself, "What for?" I've always felt it a waste of time to cover a well known song unless you could add something to it, approach it differently, give it your own unique twist, or at the very least introduce it to a new audience.

To do a full album of "copy songs" seemed pointless. Besides, I hadn't actually played a guitar for over a year. The one guitar I had brought out to Vegas with me was still in it's case, in the back of the closet.

But, the more I thought about it, the more appealing it became. I started to make out a list of songs I used to play. Eventually I brought out the guitar to see if I could even remember how to play them. I focused on the tunes I'd first learned, as a teenager, before I started playing in clubs. Some I had forgotten. Some, I now realized, I'd learned incorrectly. And some came back to me as if I'd never stopped playing them. I began searching for the songs I'd forgotten, and the ones that didn't sound like I was playing the "right" parts. It had become a quest.

I remembered the countless hours I spent in my bedroom, playing the SG I'd spent a year delivering newspapers to pay for. I wondered if my parents regretted buying me the Kasino 4x10 combo I played through, which only sounded good if I cranked it up LOUD! I recalled my band, a trio (no singer), playing my sister's 16th birthday party. And how I'd cut part of the tip of my left index finger off the night before, showing off how sharp my switchblade was after a couple of beers. I ended up playing with a slide on that finger, and fretting with the other three! This album is dedicated to the memory of those times, and to the loving memory of my sister and parents.

The Players

What cinched me doing this album, was when Mike called and told me that Aynsley Dunbar and Tim Bogert would be available to record, if I wanted. Yeah, I wanted. I'd dreamed about playing with Aynsley ever since wearing out Bowie's Pinups album back in 9th grade, and Tim, after attempting to play songs off the Beck, Bogert, and Appice record with my band, and realizing I was gonna have to find a monster bass player, and drummer, to get anywhere close to being able to pull it off. It couldn't be my abilities at question! Anyway, this would give me the opportunity to find out. They both played amazingly well, and I'm grateful for the immense pleasure it gave me to be able to play with these two musicians I've admired for years. Thank you Tim. Thank you Aynsley.